Core Health Chiropractic

With over six years of clinical experience and an in-depth understanding of how treatment relates specifically to CrossFit, Dr. Crane is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive and effective treatment. From pro athletes to the weekend warrior Core Health is your go to clinic. Click here to schedule a consult today.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

We currently participate in the Healthpartners, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Preferred One reimbursement programs. You will receive $20 in your bank account each month if you attend 12 or more classes with us. We track attendance and submit the data. To be added please print out the appropriate form, add a voided check and a copy of your insurance card, and bring it into the gym. Better yet, do all of this and email a scanned copy of the sheet to us (this is much better).

Click here to access forms for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One, and Healthpartners.

Facebook Groups

Are you a part of the gym Facebook groups? Stay connected to your gym’s community. Here’s the link for the St. Paul Facebook group. Here’s the link for the Minneapolis Facebook group. Here’s the link for the St. Louis Park Facebook group.

Travel WODs

Are you on vacation looking for a CrossFit workout? Maybe you’re staying at a hotel where equipment is basically limited to dumbbells? We’ve put together a handful of workouts to keep you active while you’re away from the box. Check them out here!

Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard is an online workout tracker that we subscribe to, so it’s free for our members! Visit and use the below access code and begin to track all of your workouts: STPA541